Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Change taskbar clock AM & PM text

This is the one of the best registry tweak available.
In this tweak we change the AM and PM that is shown in taskbar
clock to some other name.

change taskbar clock AM PM text

To achieve this follow steps given below:

1. Travel to following key in registry editor
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\International\
2. Now select the 'International' key in left pane and search for
the following two entries in right pane of registry editor.
s1159 - for changing AM
s2359 - for changing PM
3. Once you have found this entries now double click it to change
the text.

Remember it only accepts characters of minimum six letters even
if you try to stuff more, only first six will be displayed.

Enjoy the tweak, please let me know in case you are finding
some problems.

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Scholle said...

This is easier to do with the Control Panel! Regional and Language Options --> Customize --> Time Tab --> overwrite the AM and PM in the drop down boxes. Simple.

mohd anas said...

thnks ur way was really easier and undrstndable